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Prices vary due to how many lessons you take —- the more you drive the cheaper it gets.
Chose which price suits you, monies can be paid at end of lesson in cash or via bank transfer.
Remember if you have a log book each 1hr = 3hrs up to a maximum of 10hrs = 30hrs which makes a great Birthday or Xmas present — gift vouchers are available.  Call Tone 0425265643.

Our Vision

To make the roads a safer place for everyone. Driving is fun and dangerous — so you need to know the road rules.

Your actions not only affect yourself but all those around you. You need to know where all the danger lies on the road so that you don’t get hurt and you don’t hurt other drivers.

Our Mission

To provide a safe Learning environment so that your confidence can grow and grow to the point where your can make all the necessary decisions and drive safely on your own. That is the time when you can pass the test and gain your ‘P’s.

Then our job is done — Congratulations

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