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Unique Features for our Leaner

Most importantly we are hear for You — Our Instructors have over 40 years combined driving instruction between them. Each has dealt with many different types of situations and varying needs of our students. From the very nervous to non-english speaking students and overseas license conversations.

Best Safety Measures

All our cars are fitted with Dual Controls and fully Insured. Our cars are 2015 models with air bag safety.

Learning Roads

We never ask our students to attempt anything they are not ready for. Our lessons are catered to the students needs. Quite areas for the new learner to busier areas for the more accomplished learner.

Non-English Speaking Students

Many of our students come from overseas with little or no experience in speaking English. They are vary degrees of experience behind the wheel.

Experienced Instructors

Each instructor has over 20 years experience in teaching and a combined total of our 40 yrs between them.

Quick License

For the experienced learner we provide a practice driving test to see if they have the competencies to pass the NSW license test.

Affordable Course Fees

Lessons are $75/hr with discounts available for 5 or 10 lesson packages. You pay for each individual lesson at completion of the hour.

Courses we Offer

For those students under 25yrs of age they required minimum 120 hrs log book experience. With us each 1hr = 3hrs in the log book upto a maximum of 10hrs = 30hrs. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the learner i.e. quite areas to busy traffic and freeway conditions.

Overseas License

We assess your driving then suggest ways to improve before taking the NSW driving test.

Auto or Manual

Our cars are 2015 Honda Jazz both automatic and manual.

Nervous or Novice

We go to quite areas near where you live where there is little or no traffic to build up your confidence.


The more you drive the less it costs. Five lesson package $350 @ $65/hr and ten lessons $650 @ $65/hr.

Trusted by Thousand

Over the past 20 years we have many get their license first time, see some of the happy faces below, many from the same family brothers, sister and spouses.

Frequenty Asked Questions

See Below

How much does a 1hr lesson cost?

$75 per hour, five or more $350, ten or more $650. Prices can change if costs rise e.g. Petrol

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes for birthdays and any other special occasion valid for 12 months.

Can I use my own car or my parents?

Yes, once we have assessed you have sufficient experience to do so.

Is one particular RTA office better to do the test at?

Before undertaking the driving test our instructor will conduct a Practise Test with you and mark it as if you are on the real test. If you pass this then you should pass the real test. Each area has its own particular challenges however if you know your stuff then it does not matter where you do your test.

Do I need to have my Learner's License with me to have a driving lesson?

Yes. It is against the law to drive anytime without it.

Do I need to have my logbook with me to have a driving lesson?

No. The hour you drive can be written in on the next lesson.

How do I get 3 hrs for 1hr with a driving instructor?

Your driving instructor will have the appropriate paper work to fill out, you can only claim up to a maximum of 10 hrs = 30hrs.

Where will I drive on my first lesson?

This depends upon your level of experience. For novice drivers quite areas near where you live.  For those with more experience a driving assessment will be given by your instructor




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