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Courses We Offer

For those students under 25yrs of age they required 120 hrs experience. With us each
1hr = 3hrs in their log book upto a maximum of 10hrs = 30hrs. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the learner i.e. quite areas to busy traffic and freeway conditions.We are centered in Mayfield, however we do service the whole of Newcastle and out lying areas. Our normal lesson is 1hr, however many students take 2hr lessons which in time behind the wheel is equivalent to 3hrs, just as you begin to become confident it’s not time to go home we can practice more and cover more topics — so it saves you money in the long run.

Overseas License

We assess your driving then suggest ways to improve before taking the NSW driving test.

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Auto or Manual

Our cars are 2015 Honda Jazz both automatic and manual.

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Nervous or Novice

We go to quite areas near where you live where there is little or no traffic to build up your confidence.The point we stress to new drivers is this. You wern't born driving a car. This will be your first time behind the wheel. As we mentioned, have patience, listen to what we are asking you to do. Accept that this is something that you will need to practise and that it will take time.
It's always hard to listen to someone else and do what they tell you to do. Your natural instincts are to do what you feel is right and YES, the time will come when you will need to take over from us as the instructor and learn to fly all by yourself.
We know this will happen. We just ask to to begin with, you listen to us. We will know when you are ready to go. We will be the first to let you know.
But to start with. Please. Listen to us first. And yes, from there, you will be safe.

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The more you drive the less it costs. Five lesson package $350 @ $65/hr and ten lessons $650 @ $65/hr.

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