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About Tone’s Driving School

We have been instructing since 1995 and our instructors and friendly and go that extra mile to make you feel at ease behind the wheel.

“We believe that Driving is a Skill, Road Safety an Attitude and that Safe Driving Habits are for Life.”

So I Learn to Drive

Absolutely. We are all brought up with the attitude that we are taught how to do things. And in some respect that can be said to be true. The reality of the matter however, is that we learn how to do things.
Others can show us, and this can be construed as teaching, however, for any teaching to be successful, we must first of all learn.
Our job as a driving instructor is not to teach you anything. Our job is to facilitate your learning.
You see, this is not a question of whether you want to be taught how to drive, but whether you want to learn how to drive a car.

Areas We Service

We are based in Mayfield so it is easy for us to service all suburbs in the Newcastle area. From Mayfield out to Belmont -- Toronto -- Maitland and all the suburbs in between i.e. Mayfield, Tighes Hill, Hamilton, Islington, Waratah, Newcastle, Cooks hill, Broadmeadow, Lambton, Adamstown, Charlestown, Kahibah, Whitebridge, Kotara, Wallsend, Maryland, Fletcher, Cameron Park, Shortland, Jesmond, Elemore Vale, Edgeworth, Redhead, Dudley, Metford, Maitland etc.

How Do I Learn To Drive

By making the decision that learning to drive a car is something you want to do. That is the starting point. From there you embark on the most exciting adventure of your life.
Your first lession will start with the basics of how the car works, how to use the steering wheel and the pedals - gears if you want to learn a manual or an automatic if you prefer.
From there you learn how to drive in a straight line - slowly at first but from there and as your confidence grows, faster to meet your needs.
Corners and circles, figure eights and U-turns as you become familiar with the feel of the car. Merging into traffic and round-a-bouts, parking the car and when you are ready, hurtling down the freeway with the big people.

Nervous or Novice

You must first of all start with a proper foundation. Have patience with yourself and understand that this is the first time you are doing this and give yourself the chance to learn. We go to quite areas near where you live where there is little or no traffic to build up your confidence.

We start at the beginning and that is to sit you behind the wheel of the car and explain to you how everything works. Once you have learned that we will then start to put everything into practice.
Get the feel of things. Move the steering wheel around so you can feel how it works. Pump the pedals so you learn what pressure is needed to move them. Change the gears so you learn how they work. Basics. Learn to do something slowly and you will know how to do it at speed.

Can I Drive A Car

Yes you can! you see, driving a car has got nothing to do with what you see on the TV, X-Box, Playstation or in movies. It's not even like what you see your parents or "some" people do.
Driving a car is about you and who you are. How you perceive yourself and how you want others to perceive you.
Driving a car is as individualistic as the cloths you wear or how you make your whole life. Driving a car is something you learn to do by yourself. It is you. Yes you can drive a car.

Our Vision

To make the roads a safer place for everyone. Driving is fun and dangerous — so you need to know the road rules.

Your actions not only affect yourself but all those around you. You need to know where all the danger lies on the road so that you don’t get hurt and you don’t hurt other drivers.

Our Mission

To provide a safe Learning environment so that your confidence can grow and grow to the point where your can make all the necessary decisions and drive safely on your own. That is the time when you can pass the test and gain your ‘P’s.

Then our job is done — Congratulations

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